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aguard EGG FONG 嬰兒浴盤 - 灰

aguard EGG FONG 嬰兒浴盤 - 灰

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aguard EGG FONG 嬰兒浴盤 - 灰

• 蛋形設計 有效延長保溫時間
• 堅固PP物料 外形輕巧
• 內置初生防滑座墊
• 附合初生嬰兒人體工學設計座墊 (0-6個月)
• 可根據嬰兒成長可拆卸座墊使用 (6個月以上)
• 堅固PP物料 外形輕巧
• 盆底防滑膠
• 安全認證
尺寸 : 63x 42x27cm
適用年齡 : 初生起
材質 : PP

aguard EGG FONG Infant bath tub -grey

• More water is spent economically than regular bathtubs
• The heat preservation period is prolonged and can be warmed for a long time
• Erogonomic backrest, design for neonatal body shape
• Double device for safety
• Non-slip pedestal
• Safety verify
Size: 63x42x27cm
Age of use : newborn
Material : PP

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