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aguard 天然兒童泡泡浴 - 無味

aguard 天然兒童泡泡浴 - 無味

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aguard 天然兒童泡泡浴 - 無味

• 採用韓國新安鹽田生產的雨後第一鹽製造
• 未經污染 含豐富礦物質
• 美國 EWG 環保認證 絕不含對人體有害物質
• 天然不傷眼睛
• 有效滋潤幼嫩皮膚
• 可用於頭髮上
• 令小孩愛上洗澡
產地 : 韓國
容量: 500g
建議份量:1匙 (20g)
嬰兒沐浴/足浴 1匙
成人半身浴 2匙
成人全身浴 4匙

aguard Natural bubble bath - basic

• Imported Xin'anri salt , the first salt after rain
• Unpolluted, high mineral content
• EWG verified
• Naturally eye-injury
• Moisturizing of skin
• Can be used on hair
Made in Korea
Volume : 500g
How to use :
Put powder in the bathtub and turn the water into the shower.
the higher water temperature , the richer bubble will be.
Recommended serving : 1 spoon (20g)
baby bathtub / foot bath - 1 spoon
Half body bath - 2 spoons
Whole body bath - 4 spoons


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